Safeguard your Retirement Nest Egg

At Senior Resource Services, we believe in safety first. Many people are not expecting social security income alone to provide them the life style they desire in the golden years. After you retire there can be a lot of unexpected and unpredictable events that may cause you to spend a portion of your savings and investments. Safe guarding your nest egg can be an important part of planning as we live longer.

Through our partner American Senior Benefits, we offer a wide array of A-rated companies that specialize in the retirement income business. Having a thorough review each year is vital to stay abreast of the many options that are available to you.

Contracts that can offer you guarantees can give you peace of mind knowing your nest egg is not in danger of market fluctuations. Losing principal in retirement can be a serious problem. Consider taking your nest egg out of harm’s way and putting guarantees in place for yourself.

Allowing a member of our service team an opportunity to evaluate your position can give you peace of mind. We can give you proposals from the top carriers in the business. You will know what your money is doing for you now. You will also know what your money could be doing elsewhere. With over 100 companies to choose from, allow us to do your homework and show you the results.

We know you worked hard to save in your working years, just because you retired doesn’t mean your saving should retire too.

Allow our service team to do an assessment of your current situation. We will pull from the top carriers and give you the results. If there is something we can help you with, it will be our pleasure.